About Us

Since 1977 Nursing Unlimited has been working to help maximize your professional success. We know that working in the highly complex and constantly evolving healthcare industry exposes you to high levels of stress and requires you to continually update your skills. We also know that you want to acquire additional skills to move to the next level in your career.

Because your life provides enough stress, Nursing Unlimited takes the stress out of learning. Our policy is never to embarrass or intimidate our students, whatever their level of knowledge or experience. When attending one of our classes, you need never be afraid to ask a question or to express an opinion. On the contrary, we encourage our students to ask questions and to explore alternatives. Learning should be a pleasurable experience. And numerous studies have shown that information is most effectively absorbed in a relaxed environment where the brain can function at its optimum level. This is what we provide.

All of our educators have been carefully screened and thoroughly oriented to our stress-free approach to education. Our nursing instructors are always RNs (or physicians), who often hold advanced degrees in nursing and who usually have many years of experience in the subject matter taught. Many of our emergency cardiac resuscitation instructors also have years of hands-on experience in their fields. All of our instructors, without exception, are dedicated to your professional success and to making your educational experience both enjoyable and rewarding.

Our curricula are continuously updated, providing you with the most current information available. And when you ask, we are always happy to provide additional courses or to enlarge our offerings. One of our students, when asked why she wanted us to provide a course not in our current list of offerings, responded, “Because you make the hardest material easy to understand.” That makes us very proud.