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January 2015 – December 2015

Course Description:

This 40-hour course is designed to prepare apprentice health care workers, as well as home health aides who have not completed an approved Nursing Assistant Program, to challenge the written and performance examinations for the State of Florida Nursing Assistant Certificate. If you do not successfully complete these exams the first time, Nursing Unlimited will retrain you at no additional cost. ***


Must be 18 years of age, able to read, write and speak English. Must hold a certification of Home Health Aide 75 hour or have successfully completed a Medical Assistant Program. Must have completed a minimum of 4 hours of HIV/ AIDS/BBP training.

Total Course Cost:

The cost of the course is $325 and it includes the textbook and can be paid in full at time of registration. Preregistration is required with $125 minimum deposit consisting of $50 registration fee and $75 applied to the tuition. The remaining tuition balance of $200 must be paid by the 1st day of class.

** Please note that the course cost does not include certification fees

** If you have taken HHA75 with Nursing Unlimited in the last month, the $50 registration fee will be waived. If you have taken HHA with Nursing Unlimited beyond one month only $25 of the registration fee will be waived.




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