Coronavirus & Pandemic Awareness

Coronavirus & Pandemic (2020) Awareness Level Training

Who should attend this class:

Hospitality industry members, School Administrators and Teachers, Business owners, Office Employee’s,  Community Members that are looking to stay informed and be educated.

This Coronavirus Awareness Level Training is designed to offer information on the:

  • What is a pandemic and why does it matter to me?
  • What is the CDC and what resources are out there?
  • What is the Coronavirus?
  • How and where did COVID-19 start and what do we know?
  • How does the coronavirus spread?
  • How do I protect myself, my employees and customers?
  • Explication of the different types of Respirators (Masks) and more

Types of training offered:

  • We will travel to your location and offer the training convenient to your scheduling needs.
  • Come to Nursing Unlimited and take part in community classes
  • On-line Self Study options (Coming Soon)

To inquire or to book a training at your location please call 305.651.1431

About Coronavirus

CDC is responding to an outbreak of respiratory disease caused by a novel (new) coronavirus that was first detected in China and which has now been detected in 60 locations internationally, including in the United States. The virus has been named “SARS-CoV-2” and the disease it causes has been named “coronavirus disease 2019” (abbreviated “COVID-19”).