Florida Laws & Rules

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Purpose: To educate the Florida Nurses in Laws and Rules for nursing practice in Florida State. This course is developed in compliance with the requirements of the Florida Board of Nursing. It is a CE Broker certified course for 2 hours of post-graduated nursing education.

Target Audience: A.R.N.Ps., R.N.s, L.P.N.s, G.P.N.S, L.P.N.s, CNAs.


  1. Describe the two main sources of information regarding legal nursing practice in the State of Florida.
  2. Describe the Florida State Public Health System (“Title XXIX. PUBLIC HEALTH. (Chapters 381-408), FS.”)
  3. Describe the main sources concerning nursing practice in Florida State in “Title XXXII. Regulations of professions and occupations. Chapters 456 and 464, F.S.”
  4. Recognize Chapter 64B9 as a part of Florida Administrative Code, Florida Board of Nursing Rules.
  5. Describe the general requirements for nursing licensure of CNA, LPN, RN, ARNP and nurse specialist.
  6. Describe the scope of nursing practice of these nursing professions in Florida State.
  7. Describe the difference between ethical and legal nursing practice.
  8. Name three legal Rules published in Chapter 64B9.
  9. Discuss the process of prosecution for nursing liability (penalties and fines).
  10. Discuss the FBN requirements for basic and continuing post-graduated nursing education.

Methods of education: Handout, homestudy, on-line education.
Evaluation: Test, Student evaluation
Contact Hours: 2

The main goal of Florida Health Care system is to provide high quality medical practice for Florida residents and guests. The education on Florida Laws and Rules for practicing nursing profession in Florida State became mandatory requirement for nursing education since 2015 year. This course provides information about the legal Florida State documents – Florida Statues and the Florida Board of Nursing Rules.
The standards for organization of nursing education, licensure, scope of practice, and disciplinary process are outlined. Information about the requirements for practicing nursing at different levels of nursing profession is provided.