Medical Record Documentation and Legal Aspects Appropriate to Nursing

Medical Record Documentation And Legal Aspects
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  1. Read the entire course
  2. Remove the quiz and answer sheet from the booklet.
  3. Answer all questions on the post-test (an overall score of 70% is required for 2 contact hours).
  4. Complete the course evaluation and the affidavit.
  5. You may mail your completed test, course evaluation and affidavit to Nursing Unlimited, Inc., or you may bring them to our office in North Miami Beach

PURPOSE: This home study is intended to assist Certified Nursing Assistants in meeting the requirements of 64B9-15.011(2)(c), Florida Administrative Code, which provides that CNAs will have, as part of their two-year in-service education, training in medical documentation and legal aspects appropriate to nursing assistants.

OBJECTIVES: By the end of this home study the participant will be able to:

  • Explain the difference between subjective and objective reporting
  • List 4 senses utilized while making client observations
  • Tell where in law and rule certain topics can be located.
  • Discuss the importance and possible legal ramifications of medical documentation
  • Demonstrate appropriate methods for both documenting services provided and correcting mistakes in documentation.


METHOD OF EVALUATION: Examination: Pass = 70%

TARGET AUDIENCE: Certified Nursing Assistants

METHODOLOGY: Home study or On-line study CE Broker hours: 2

ACCREDITATION: Nursing Unlimited, Inc. is a provider of continuing education approved by the Florida Board of Nursing. Our provider number is FBN-2958.