Infection Control & Isolation Precautions for Transmittable Diseases

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Objectives: The discovery of certain disease within the last 15 years has alerted health care workers to the need to lower the chance of transmission of these diseases from client to caregiver. These diseases are spread through exposure to blood and body fluids and are called blood-borne pathogens. Two of these diseases are AIDS and hepatitis B. One of the problems with caring for clients who have AIDS is that little is known about this disease. The other problem is our personal feelings. This disease may awaken feelings because of fear or because some of the victims may have an unfamiliar life-style.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control continually reminds us that the chance of transmission of a disease such as AIDS or hepatitis B from a client to a caregiver is unusual; however, every agency will have their own policies and procedures when caring for clients with these, diseases and to minimize the chance further. Clients who have these diseases are entitled to caring and understanding personnel. They and their families have the same needs as other clients and their families. Do not allow your personal feelings about their life-style or their disease to color your care. If you have strong feelings or fear, discuss them with your supervisor.

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