Use of Restraints and Seclusion

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1. Read the entire course.
2. Remove the quiz and answer sheet from the booklet.
3. Answer all questions on the post-test (an overall score of 70% is required for 2 contact hours).
4. Complete the course evaluation and the affidavit.
5. You may mail your completed test, course evaluation and affidavit to Nursing Unlimited, Inc., or you
may bring them to our office in North Miami Beach

PURPOSE:  This self-instructional learning course has been designed to provide you with the opportunity to review/update clinical knowledge related to the use of restraints and seclusion and to be informed of current trends and regulations governing the application of restraints and seclusion. Successful completion of this course serves as validation that you have received training in the use of restraints and seclusion. These are consistent with national guidelines established by JCAHO.

OBJECTIVES:  By the end of this home study the participant will be able to:

  • Identify three (3) agencies that nationwide regulate the use of restraints and seclusion.
  • Explain the two (2) essential components of a “least restrictive” environment.
  • Discuss five (5) alternative strategies to the implementation of restraints and seclusion.

METHOD OF PRESENTATION:             Home study

METHOD OF EVALUATION:                 Examination: Pass = 70%

TARGET AUDIENCE:                              Home Health Aides and Nursing Assistants

CONTACT HOURS:                                   3

ACCREDITATION:  Nursing Unlimited, Inc. is a provider of continuing education approved by the Florida Board of Nursing.  Our provider number is FBN-2958.