Phlebotomy Program

January 2017 – December 2017

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Course Description:

This program is designed to prepare the student to enter the field of Phlebotomy in a hospital or clinical setting. The program enables students to complete 80 hours of Phlebotomy training and prepares them to take national certification exams. The 40-hour career skills development segment of the program includes computer orientation, development of writing, math and people skills and preparation of a professional resume, interview skills and on-the-job skills.

Course Objectives:

The Phlebotomy Course is taught in a friendly, low stress environment where you will have the opportunity to interact with helpful and professional staff. The Instructors are very knowledgeable about and familiar with the teaching material.

Nursing Unlimited, Inc. is a medical, vocational training school with more than 30 years of experience in the market. We train thousands of students every year and have a great reputation throughout the medical field in South Florida. These facts make us one of the top training schools in the Southeast Florida area.

Come and see for yourself. Ask for a tour of the facility and a personal interview with one of our highly qualified counselors.

In this course you will learn:

  • Phlebotomy: A Historical Perspective
  • Quality Assurance and Legal Issues.
  • Medical Terminology.
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology.
  • The Circulatory System.
  • Blood Collection Equipment, Additives and Order of Draw.

You will learn through the use of a textbook, interactive videos and the most rewarding, thorough instructor demonstrations.


You must be a minimum of 18 years of age and able to speak, read and write English. You must hold a current license as a Nursing Assistant or have successfully completed a Medical Assistant Program. You must have completed a minimum of 4 hours of HIV/AIDS/BBP training.

Who should attend:

This course is designed for Nursing Assistants who want to increase their skill set and work toward a certification as a Patient Care Technologist.

Total tuition:

The tuition for this course is $885 which includes a registration fee of $150.

Students are required to purchase a book for the course – $90.00 + tax

Students are also required to wear Nursing Unlimited, Inc. scrubs which are available at our front desk for $25 plus applicable Florida State sales tax.

Class dates & times:



  • January 3 – February 3
  • March 14 – April 14
  • May 23 – June 23
  • August 1 – September 1
  • October 24 – December 1 (9:00 AM – 2:30 PM)


MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY:     6:00 P.M. TO 10:00 P.M.,

  • January 3 – February 3 (5:30 PM – 10:00 PM)
  • March 13 – April 14
  • May 22 – June 23 (5:30 PM – 10:15 PM)
  • July 31 – September 1
  • October 24 – December 1 (5:30 PM – 10:25 PM)
CALL NOW to REGISTER (305) 651-1431 or (800) 852-4126 or for more information.Licensed by the Commission for Independent Education License # 2368